Cancellations and Transfers

How to cancel:

If you need to cancel, please send an email to

Refunds for Registration and Workshops:

·       Cancel by February 2, 2024 and a $100 admin fee will be charged.

·       No refunds after February 2, 2024 or for no-shows.

·       You can transfer your registration to someone else for free by emailing

Please Note:

·       No confirmation of registration without payment.

·       All fees include GST

·       No refunds for inability to attend due to travel issues, cancellations or illness

Function Cancellations:

·       Full refund for cancellations by February 2, 2024.

·       No refunds after this date or for no-shows.

·       Transfer your function ticket to someone else at no cost by contacting

Functions in Registration Package:

·       No refunds or transfers for functions included in your package.

·       All fees include GST.

If We Postpone or Cancel:

·       If ACAud postpones, registrations move to the new dates.

·       Full refund if ACAud cancels the event.

Terms and Conditions:

·       ACAud may change speakers, prices, venues and capacity.

·       ACAud may cancel activities if not enough people register refunding those registered.

·       No compensation for travel or accommodation if the event is cancelled.

Event Details and Prices:

·       ACAud tries to provide accurate details, but prices may change.

·       Early bird and promotional offers are limited and can be withdrawn.

Event Attendance

·       First come first served for limited events

·       Missing events without telling ACAud might restrict future event access.

Dietary Needs

·       ACAud will try to meet specific dietary needs but can’t guarantee this.

Changes to Terms

·       ACAud may update these Terms. Check the event website for changes.


·       Presentation views are those of the presenters not ACAud

·       ACAud isn’t responsible for any losses due to presentation content.

Delegate Rights and Obligations:

·       By registering you confirm your details are accurate and agree to follow venue and ACAud rules.

·       ACAud can refuse entry or eject anyone breaking these rules.

Recording Rules:

·       No audio or visual recording without ACAud’s written consent.

Code of Conduct:

·       Be respectful and inclusive.  No harassment or bullying.

·       Follow staff instructions.  No promotional content in presentations or messages.

·       ACAud can remove violators and ban them from future events.

Privacy Policy:

·       Your details are for registration and updates.

·       Photos and recordings from the event may be used by ACAud.

·       If you don’t want to be recorded, tell an ACAud representative.

·       Chat logs may be exported.

By Registering:

·       You agree to ACAud using your personal information for the event.

·       For our full privacy policy visit



·       Event: Any ACAud ticketed activity.

·       Delegate: Anyone these terms apply to.

·       Ticket: A valid entry ticket.

·       Venue: The event location