program overview

Welcome to ACAud National Congress 2024 where the “Heat is On – Sustaining Audiology in a Changing Climate.”  We are delighted to introduce the Speaker Program, a carefully curated selection of presentations and discussions aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities faced by clinicians in a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

In a world that is experiencing profound shifts due to environmental, technological, and societal changes, our field of audiology is not exempt from their impact.  The “Heat is On” theme symbolises the urgency and importance of adapting and thriving in this dynamic climate. 

Our Academic Program reflects a commitment to innovation, resilience, and collaboration within the audiology community.  Over the course of this conference, you will have the opportunity to engage with thought leaders, researchers and practitioners who will share insights, strategies, and best practices for navigating the challenges ahead. 

From discussions on the latest advancements in hearing technology to sessions on patient care in the face of climate-related health issues, our program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to sustain audiology practice amidst change.

We hope you find our Academic Program inspiring and transformative, and that it encourages meaningful dialogue and collaboration among all participants.  Together, we can ensure that audiology remains a vital and adaptive field, even as the heat of change bears down upon us.

Thank you for being part of this important conversation and we look forward to a congress filled with valuable insights and connections. 

Wednesday 8th May 2024

* Exhibition Build 

* Workshop presentations

* Preconference meetings and events

* Sponsored Industry Sessions

* Smoking Ceremony, followed by Pre Congress Reception - limited tickets

Thursday 9th May 2024

* Opening Plenary presentations

* Keynote presentations

* Exhibition Trade Show

* Welcome Reception 

Friday 10th May 2024

* Plenary presentations

* Keynote presentations

* Exhibition Trade Show

* Gala Dinner

* Member Awards


Saturday 11th May 2024

       Stay an extra day or more!

* Enjoy the magical surrounds of the Cairns Hinterland, Great Barrier Reef and experience the hospitality only Northerners can give!